All About VOG

  • Artist: VOG
  • Genre: Rock
  • Total Album: 13
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Formed in the peak of the summer of 2004 VOG had its first jam in a basement in Oakton Virginia Vog came to fruition based on an intent to play music with other members who were serious enough to commit to playing on a regular basis Riffs written out of pipe dreams flowed through the aura of dirge that released the steam of sour days Vog is the hawaiian term for a wretched gas smoke present when volcanoes erupt that ...

Music Album of VOG

Sad Girl
  • これから先もよろしくお願いします
  • VOG
VOG Remaster
Universal Mindz
Victims of the Game
2nd Single
Elicon EP
フレンドシップ feat VOG Single
  • フレンドシップ feat VOG Single
  • RAYS
ぬいぐるみのうた EP
Yeah Yeah Yeah feat Vog Single
Voice Of Generation

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